AASGAARD Associates - Marketing was founded in 1964 On the Shores of Lake Michigan.
The original business address was creative: 'Dogwood at the Dune', New Buffalo Michigan.

We are a unique and specialized internet based company with exclusive clienteles.
Our goal is to maximize the potential of each client with marketing resources
available today. Primary objective is the development of internet marketing
strategies that build exposure and revenues for our customers.

Our websites tend to be user friendly. We advise on fast download times
and take into consideration the different types of computer formats used
focusing on the top ninety-five percent when advising our clients about design.
We also analyze all customized websites using Microsoft Internet Explorer,
Netscape and AOL browsers taking into consideration the various
monitors used by business and home consumers.

Finally we build and maintain productive websites at a reasonable cost.
All sites are monitored for reliability and functionality.
Updates are quick and at reasonable rates.

As a bonus, we provide assistance and the development of custom built computers for our
clientele's specific needs saving thousands of dollars. Customers who have the cutting edge of
technology tend to save time and have the upper hand over competition.

Time is money so why waste your productive time with a slow out of the box computer.
There are so many other options available today, eMail us today for a free consultation.